Sunday, 13 May 2012

Papercraft iKube porta cabins

Some more papercraft I am afraid. It looks like I will be playing some force on force next weekend so I am prepping some terrain that I can use on the day. They were originally scaled for 28mm but  have done a bit of jigging around and rescaled them for 15mm.
iKube porta cabins

I found them on a spanish wargaming terrain site called Toposolitario which also has an English translation. There is a video showing how to put them together in under three minutes. This is a simple paperfold exercise. I prefer to put a foamcore chasis inside to make them a bit more durable and survive transport in one of the terrain boxes. It takes about ten minutes to put them together with a frame inside.

I will be putting them on a card and sculpted base when I have finished doing the other four I have to do.


  1. They absolutely work!

    Good work and good luck with the game!

    1. Cheers. They look okay on the table and they are helping to create the crowded spawl look I am going for.