Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rebel Minis SAS figures.

More work in progress. This time it is Rebel Minis SAS elite team and SAS assault group/ biohazard zombiehunters to see the world. I am changing over to 15mm so I am trying to get some minis for zombies and modern games. If the happen to be good for near/far future all to the good. Between the two packs there are about 10 poses. I ordered 1 elite team pack and assault group packs and split these up. Half are in the yellow you see here the other half will be a more traditional dark blue.
Rebel Minis SAS in biohazard suits

There is still a bit of tarting up to do. I need to finish the bases off and will be buying the new citadel texture paints to give them a whirl. I'll update eventually.

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  1. I love those sculpts and I love your yelow, lol. When I wa sthinking about going 15mm, those were first minies I wanted. I would love to get 80's SAS black kit miniatures in 28mm somewhere :(