Thursday, 3 May 2012

What I would like to see in 15mm

This is a bit of a rant really. This is a list of some of things out there that I would like to see made in 15mm. I am sure that some one out there is listening. So in no particular order 

Call of Cthulhu (monsters and characters)
modern civilian vehicles/contemporary style cars - getting vehicles in the right scale is a pain, I am sure that people will buys these. They don't need to be copies, just something in the style of.

modern British infantry (in packs smaller than 50)
tusken raiders os something like them
bikers and their bikes
planet of the apes
modern cultists
modern skeletons
anything stalker/metro 2033 - this seems really popular at the mo.
cyberpunk style cyborgs
alien beasties
anything alien/aliens - and prometheus is coming
anything serenity/firefly - always a favourite
flash gordon - seems to be available in very large scales
mad max/near future cars/car wars
some fantasy monsters
modern british police

zombies, swat, modern british police, bikers, paramedics, doctors/scientists

and from fallout - centaur, giant cockroach/radroach, bloatfly, geckos, Deathclaw, raiders

Most 15mm gamers have done some conversions. Unlike 25/28mm, 15mm is very badly served in this department. Things I would like to see are:-

furniture/street furniture (bins, fire hydrants, post boxes, benches)
conversion pack - like reaper do
handguns,m16, m4, sa80, mp5, ak47, p90, fn fal/slr, shotguns of various types
hockey stick, fire axe, blade baseball bat/cricket bat 

given things in 15mm are a little tricky, it might make some sense to put some hands of the weapons

Anything that makes it easier to convert figures is going to attract the nmore adventurous modellers.

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