Friday, 11 May 2012

Papercraft cargo containers

Papercraft is not something I am good at. I lack the patience for it. I always like the idea though. Whilst it has been around for a while they quality seems to have improved dramatically over the last few years and now rivals some of the commercially available actual terrain. As the amount of terrain I have increases so does the need for even more. I have some resin containers and wanted some more. Frugality seems prudent at the moment and I have been enjoying making my own terain in the last year.

I found these at Antenocitis Workshop. There are about a dozen different ones. Although designed for slightly larger miniatures, they don't look to bad. I played about with the sizes a little to make they look right.

The soylent green vending machine is a rescaled fold up by Tommygun. He seems to have done a lot of this stuff and there are pages and pages of this stuff available.

One of the drawbacks of the of paper terrain is it's fragility. I have tried to work around this by using heavy duty paper and then wrapping that paper around a foamcore chasis. It makes sense only to use four sides and put the foam coare at the top and bottom as well as the ends. I assume that figures may end up on the top and are physically umlikely to end up on the side. I used short dressmaking pins to give it extra strenghth. This gives it some structual stability. I used self adhesive foamcore because I had some available which also adds to the stability. This is expensive to  buy and if I was doing it I would use regular black foamcore which shows up the gaps less.

I am planning on doing some more work on these in the next few weeks.


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