Friday, 4 May 2012

The Emporer's New Guards

Star Wars is the ultimate space opera. The chords it struck in my brain when it first came out are still ringing. Effigy are to release a figure called the emporer and some multi-part guards.
When I heard about this I was expecting the usually red robed and helmeted guys with some sort of staff weapon. The guards have two types of head. The first is much of what you would expect to see from the films, the standard helmet and eye slit. The second head has a boble on the top much like a medieval peasants hat with a T shaped slit.

They are not equipped in the cinematic style and do not carry their staff weapons. Some carry a rifle or smg. With the peasant cap they look very different to the Emporer's Guard. I could almost see them as a guard at Ming's Palce. Others carry swords which have almost the quality of a katana. The final group are equipped with a kind of halberd which could easily have been taken from Jabba's Palace.

Those with swords and halberds could have uses in fantasy games but not high fantasy. I could see them in a HOTT army, so sort of chaos warrior or even in a Runequest game.

With the Space Pals models from Highlander Studios there are now almost enough figures out there to run a Star Wars game.

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