Monday, 21 May 2012

Mecha arrived

I was at Triples in Sheffield over the weekend. It is generally my biggest show of the year and one that most of my mates go to. I think it's going to generate a few posts over the course of the next week so here is the first.

I know I said I wasn't one for battle mechs. I am beginning to think that I lied. My love of GZG has changed my mind and after blogging about it I thought I would go out and buy one. It just looks so very very very shiny. Not a hint of Optimus Prime either. So here is the kit I purchased over the weekend.
Manned Ambulatory Combat Unit (MACU), M98 "Charger" class
This is what I ended up with. By the look of it they gave me an extra weapons pack which I don't remember asking for. It's a lot of lead but then I they charge a fair bit for it. I think it's one of their most expensive models. I like the idea but for the price you can get about forty infantry.

Jon told me that this is the first of a range of mecha that they are planning. No idea about release dates though.

I have started putting it together now and I am waiting for the glue to cure. I'll keep posting pictures as the kit continues.


  1. That looks pretty complicated to me...

    Looking forward to seeing it assembled!

    1. That's what I thought but it is pretty easy. I just looked at one of the pictures on the web. I will post some more pics as I get them but I am still waiting for the glue to cure.