Monday, 7 May 2012

Mecha unleashed

Although these have kind of been available for a few weeks now, they are now actually available on the GZG shop. They are designed on an impressive scale and make the standard 15mm infantry look tiny in comparison. It would be easy to tread on a soldier if you wern't careful. When I got a good look at them my first thought was that I would need to make some bigger buildings and hills. Smaller Mecha have kind of been in vogue for a while. Mainly I think because of Avatar and District 9. This is however taking it to the next level.
There are three versions of the basic model and I'll start with my favourite. This looks like a true Mecha bristling with weapons. It is what I thouht Battletech was all about. There is enough here to take on a range of foes. It's almost like an Ogre on legs. I have a feeling that I will be buying one of these at Tripples in Sheffield in a couple of weeks.
As a good second choice this versionhas fewer weapons but appears to be geared towards packing a heavier punch. I am guessing this would be an anti-mecha, anti-structure or anti armour version.
The third version is not really my bag but a nice idea none the less. This has more inspiration drawn from the Japanese market or maybe even Avatar. I remember playing a computer games years ago where the mechs picked up hand weapons. I am not sure that I like the SMG but the rifle looks pretty good.
One of the things that I really liked is that there is a range of accessories available to make the process of conversion much easier. There are three different packs with just about all the weapons from the three mecha available.

GZG appear to be maintaining their position as the grand daddy of 15mm SF.

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