Friday, 18 May 2012

Flu, blurrg and even more papercraft

I have had flue for a few days. I still feel terrible but a bit more mobile. I did a bit more papercraft stuff before finally hitting the bed. This invoved a bit of playing about, cropping, cutting and pasting to make some variations on the existing terrain. There is still more waiting to get done though and I expect that I will be doing even more after that.

I found some more variations on a theme for the cargo containers and have cut and paste some of my own as well. I have seen some pictures of some more out there as well. If anyone knows where I can get them from please let me know.

Cargo containers
I have also been playing around with some buildings and fields to add a bit more variety to the table top. At the moment they are just a load of cut outs. I will be putting these together today.
Variant iKubes
Next is some phone boxes and more vending machines. I also have some furniture to do and I woud like to do some air freight containers. My attempts at air freight have not been too good so far but I have a new idea to try out.

Looking forward to a more productive weekend although I think gaming and Triples might get in the way.

I think I am going to be playing some Force on Force and maybe even some Trafalgar.

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  1. I may point you in the directions of the system GRUNTS. It is for 15 mm and I think it is pretty good.