Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Laser Cutting?

Laser Cutting has been on my mind for a while now. My family need a second income as I think our current second income is about to run out and I am finding the prospect of going back to work in Social Housing simply terrifying. So I am thinking of setting up a laser cut terrain and bases company.

I guess that this is not a new idea. The market is relatively busy but I think I could make a go of it. I have some skills that I can bring to bear. I guess that I have a few advantages in as much as I don't need to make a huge amount of money and I have fairly low overheads.

SOOO...Any suggestions? About products, the market or setting up a business in general?

This is what I have the money for at the moment but I might hold on to get something better. This might take a little while. Has anyone ever used one of these type of things before?


  1. A couple of guys here, both architects have used CAD program to draw some plans for sci-fi buildings and went to a laser cutting company to make templates for them in MDF if that is what you mean. That is about all experience "I" have :P.

    I think bases are pretty much established, but that is a no-brainer so it should be involved. Next, I'd imagine you should think of what you need and simply do that to start with. It would require some advertising around the forums, to get you started of course.

  2. Laser Cutting : You may have found the cheapest supplier but it's important to ensure they have the correct quality policies in place prior to you placing the work. Ask the supplier to provide you with some product samples or place them on a months trial so you can ascertain the quality of their product.