Saturday, 23 March 2013

What's in a name?

This isn't really much of a post, more of an observation.

As my last post stated I am thinking about starting a business. The naming of the business raised it's head and was causing me a little mental effort. Coming up with a net friendly name is looking more and more like a googlewhack (which is not a hobby despite having a book and a TV series devoted to it). Words such as game and hobby sprung to mind. I wanted to use hobby so I went to look for a synonym. I looked on wikipedia and there was a list of hobbies.

Wargaming, toy soldiers, RPGs, and modelling weren't on wiki's list.Not all that surprising I guess? Well when I looked on the list I was surprised at what was. Herping (which sounds stranger than it is) gets a reference. Cubing is listed as a hobby. This is about rubics cubes and the like. I don't recall actually seeing one of these for years. Apparently gongoozoling is a more prominent hobby than wargaming. As is disc golf, flint knapping (how many of them can there be in the world?) and locksport. Gaming was in there but in the sense of computer games.

Anyone else find this strange?

I'd decided that as the Fallout game was over I would give painting a rest for a few weeks. I have a couple of games coming up involving the wild west so have been looking at some figures online. This is my current "temporary obsession". Does anyone else get this? The sudden desire to look at stuff that is out of their normal gaming comfort zone? This struck me as odd enough to want to record it so I thought I might as well start recording it at the bottom of pages as it occurs. If anyone else has a temporary obsession (gaming related obviously) please let me know.

Figures painted since last post - 0
Temporary obsession - 28mm wild west

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  1. I can only give you two tips for the name mate, a) easy to remember, b) wait for it to come to you :D

    As for the hobbies, wow. I am "a child" for playing with "toy soldiers" (hey, those are miniatures and an art!), and people engage in hobby of watching a canal. I mean, to each his own, I do stop and watch the canal from time to time but can't call it a hobby! :D

    As for "temporary obsession", that is just gaming mate. Had I the money, I'd have like 10 different armies for Flames of War, at least 3 for 40k (never bought any, thanks god), spartacus slave army for historicals, aztecs and inquisitors, 15 mm sci fi army, 28mm sci fi army, some crusaders cause why not, obviously some greeks... :D
    I find no interest in wild west somehow, heh.