Saturday, 2 March 2013

Need Another Suggestive Title Here

It's been a busy morning. Swimbo has been out of the house so eberything has been nice and quiet but it is starting to get much noisier now she is back. This will be folloed by being asked to do things that I really don't want to do. So I have had to post another picture of a kitten to keep Swimbo quiet and distracted if she reads this post.

I've done a bit of work on the wild west indians. In reality they are pretty much done and I am just doing a bit of titivation (it is in the dictionary and I am hoping may improve by web traffic from illiyerate people (yes I'm English and I do understand irony)). I'll feel better when I have a computer that make doing even basic photo editing a process that does end up with me tearing out my suddenly white hair.

I have been thinking that maybe I could do someSavageWorlds Deadlands. That would give me an excuse to use the figures. Now if only I can get hold of some 15mm wild west zombies. I am open to suggestions if anyone knows where I could get some suitable figures.

As well as doing a bit of painting and eating I've done a bit of house cleaning on the page. A few blogs on my list have gone the way of all things which is sad but time that they were moved off. I've replaced them with a few others. I have been meaning to put Carmen's Fun Painty Time on for a while. This is one of my faves for the quality of the work and a nice little blog with some really nice ideas on it so I thought I would give it a shout.

Thought I would also use the time to say thanks to my best mate Ric for the paints, brushes and other bits. I've already used the paints and donated one of the brushes to Special K.


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    1. It really does work on my other half. I have pictures of kittens on my phone which I show to her when I am about to be told off. She loses track. It's like a jedi mind trick.

      Go figure