Friday, 1 March 2013

Work Bench Madness

I can't settle. I do one thing, then I do another. I want to do this I want to do that. Not to mention the real world getting in the way. After some bad news yesterday within the foster family, things seem to have moved on quickly so I figured that it was time that I got round to putting up another post.

The painting seems to be all Peter Pig at the moment. I seem to be in a Peter Pig Mood. Some of it comes from a big purchase at York and I got an order of some odds and sods from the Hey You in the Jail range which arrived this week. I'm still waiting on an order from TheScene. Not as long as I used to wait for Rebel Minis but not far off.
The background project has progressed a bit. I have over twenty dead bodies done already and put away in the box. I mean to get them out and take some pictures. I do have some more on the go pictured here. I wanted to turn the military looking figures into stuff that looked more civillian.One looks like a US policeman and another lookslike a postman, I hope.
The large number of Native American Indians are there for the Fallout game.  There are twenty five almost done and another fifteen ready to go along with some western gun fighter types.  These a going to be the "bad" guys. OPFOR might be a better term as lets face it everyone in Fallout has done some pretty didgy things,. These are going to core force for the opposition. These are figures that may get used again but I doubt it. I'll have to work on an idea to use them again.

Lastly there are some pictures of the vehicles I started working on at the begnning of the week before the Peter Pig stuff arrived. They are still a bit on the shiny side thanks to the liberal use of inks. Some matt varnish should sort this out and make them a little more durable.

On the whole I think I have had a good year of painting so far. Maybe I could have done a bit more buy I haven't had many alternatives. I have painted more than I have purchased. I have even managed to get some very old projects off the ground.  I'll have to get round to buying some more foam storage trays. I suspect I'll paint a few hundred more before the year is out not to mention vehicles.


  1. Maybe it's time to get something finished. Seriously thoughI like the pick-up trucks and the hummers. Might get you to paint me some.

  2. Finish something? Great projects are never really finished, they are only every abandoned.