Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Catchup - Some More Bodies

I was working in these a while back and have a few more on the table at the moment as a background project. I posted some pictures previously but now these are more or less complete.
I wanted a slightly more civilian look for the bodies. evn with there being a fair number of duplicate poses I think I have managed to make them look pretty different not only with paint schemes but with base colours as well.

I have shown some of military and SWAT ones already so I thought I'd take the chance to post a picture. These are a mix of world war two and modern militia casualties. Lots of blood seems to be the order of the day. The blood is Tamiya x-27 clear red. I got it after being tipped off by Mathyoo on his blog "The Necroleadicon" formerly 28mm Later. He has great ideas for blog names.

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  1. Great bodies! And hey, TCR is a secret passed from blogger to blogger, hehe.

    Thanks for advertising! :P