Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fallout - The Battle Of The Vault

Well to finnish off the RPG game I've been running I decided to have a final battle to let it go out with a memorable end. Lots of figures and about five hours of gaming. I have begun to believe that one of the characters called Merle is actually Chuck Norris. He charged two of the biggest baddest robots in the game on his own and more or less took one of them out. Legendary in savage worlds is quite a thing.

The club I have been going recently is full of pretty good people. I had a couple of people jump in to help out the bad guys. Thanks to Mark and Andy.

Anyway here are a few pictures of the game. It's nice to see it some of my hard work of the last few years all laid out on a table. I had some nice feedback from the players and few hangers on. If you are reading this, thanks to you for making it all happen. You made the plot and made it work well.
Swimbo is currently looking at the blog. I have run out of cute kitten videos to distract her with. This may well be my last post. It may well be the last thing I ever do Don't bother with flowers, give money to my favourite charity combat stress.I always like to give them a plug.

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