Monday, 4 March 2013

The Best Thirty Pounds I Have Ever Spent

Suffering withdrawal symptoms is hard work. As I wrote last week, I have lost my beloved. She was pretty, smart and had everything I ever wanted including a shiny red lid. Things have changed for the "better."

So I have finished the first batch of native Americans.I was a bit rush so the pictures are not the best I have ever taken. There are shortage of suitable figures. They are not quite Apaches or Navajo but I guess that the are close enough for my purposes. 
I still need some more riflemen which is what's next in the paint queue. Hopefully these will look a bit better when the paint dries. I am not looking forward to doing another twenty five of these but hopefully I will be able to crack on with them during the week. 

I have also all but finished ten cowboys which are going to be part of the good guys force. Some of these are really out of focus but the ink was still wet when I took the pictures so I didn't want to mess them up. The Fallout game is starting to look more and more like New Vegas. The cowboys are starting to look perfect fr a Firefly/Serenity game. I wonder if I can get that to fly?
Well I have a functioning lap top again.This is what she looks like after three years of dust has been removed. I've had to  buy a new power supply for my old laptop. I used to love the thing and it was a hard choice to get another one a few years ago. It's just like a regular laptop only much slower. I paid a fortune for it at the time and now I can't understand how I could cope with a lap top with 120GB of hard disk. It's a bit like getting an old friend back then remembering why you haven't seen them for a long time. I have found some pictures I thought I had lost so it was probably worth while. It's tax deductible so it can't be all bad.

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