Friday, 5 August 2016

Large Scale Battles...On A Smaller Scale

I am feeling the urge a lot at the moment. No not that urge. I have an itch that only painting seems to scratch and I am feeling that I want to have a bit of variety.

Baccus do really great figures, or so I am told. They are way to tiny for me to to tell. Anyway, I have found some stuff I started just after finishing another unit. I am pretty sure that they are meant to be the 4th Hussar.  I was looking at some of the Warlord 28mm figures and feel happy that my mates chose 6mm instead. Once they have been finished off and inked up, they should be a little darker

I am pretty sure that I got some details wrong so I am not really interested in anyone who is a Napoleonic expert telling me where I got it wrong.

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  1. Well hats off to you, not sure I'd be able to see those without the aid of a magnifying glass.