Sunday, 14 August 2016

I Have a Friend...

For the record, this is really not about me.

I have a friend. No seriously. I am not sure he feels the same and has used the phrase  well, over the years I have come to regard him as some one I've met. This friend as well as being a gamer has a particular thing for electric shocks. There are details but this is not that kind of blog. Anyway, we have "enjoyed" many games of Settlers of Catan. The regular game, not the starfarers one where the ships look it's not that sort of blog.

Anyway I came across this odd idea that might be of interest to him.  Electroshock Timer Will Speed Up Every Game of Settlers of Catan. No seriously. For most of us I could see this speeding the game up but for this friend of mine, well lets just say I can imagine the phrase, "have you got wood" having a whole new meaning.

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