Monday, 19 September 2016

Titansgrave - Ashes of Valkana

I guess I am a little bit of a Wil Wheeton fanboy and Titansgrave, Ashes Of Valkana, a supplement for Fantasy Age has helped that along. This is more for what he has done for my hobby than it is because of his role in Star Trek. Someone who can promote us all to being just about normal is pretty good by me. The Tabletop channel on YouTube and international Tabletop Day have been big boons for me.
When I heard he was promoting an RPG called Titansgrave I thought I would take a look. The videos he produced for support for the game were perhaps the best gaming videos on the net. I think most players and GMs could learn a lot from them. I wasn't so sure about the first couple of episodes but the ones later on were all amazing.

This made me want to play the game. I imagined a fantasy/sci-fi game years before 40k came out and I always wanted someone to produce a playable game in this genre. So when Titansgrave came out I became a little bit moist.

So with a copy of the rules and the Fantasy Age rules as well, I went out and got some figures to add to all the twenty year of GW stuff I was planning on using. And I am still playing around with the ideas. I was Also planning in using the Star Wars: Imperial Assault/Descent terrain tiles for terrain and maybe do a few graphics for vehicles.

The problem is, that despite the glitz and the glamour of the videos,  the game is just badly supported. Throughout two rule books, there are only a couple of dozen monsters, some of which are character races. Titansgrave adds only six weapons to the sci-fi world and precious little equipment. The world of Titansgrave is little more than a map and a potted history. It hints at something bigger and better and leaves you wanting much more.

Whilst it could be argued that this gives players a lot of scope to develop their own ideas, my ideas would be helped along the way a lot better if there was just more to go on. Despite the noise it made at the time of release, there is a really limited amount of support online, both official and unofficial. I feel a little bit guilty about saying this as I want the game to do well so it can be played.

At the moment, I still plan to play the game. If I get lucky thy will release some more support material. If this doesn't happen? I guess I can see a Savage Worlds home brew in the offing.

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