Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Too Much Going On

Yesterday disappeared. Well figuratively at least. Too much illness, whining, kids with stuff to do, family members and pets needing feeding amongst others. For me, aside from a little YouTube in the morning that was about it for me. Today is not looking much better, so much stuff to do. Well at least it's my mum's birthday but this isn't going o be all that much fun as she is expecting bad news.

I was hoping to get out and go gaming last night. For the first night in over a year. But I guess that was a bust. I was really looking to it. So I guess that ship has sailed. The same goes with painting. Whilst I am getting some painting done (for the first time in weeks) the amount I am getting done is minimal. I set myself low standards and I am failing to manage to meet even them. I was expecting to get a base of 6mm infantry done every day but at the moment it's looking like one every three or four days.

Normally, when I can't do either of the above, I get a chance to get some electronic gaming in. A mix of crappy internet, a low powered laptop and the summer holidays, as well as all of the above, are making even this difficult.

Well things seem to be conspiring against me. That's just talk though. This is a situation of my own making and I guess it is down to me to make the changes. That sadly is looking, for the most part, pretty unpalatable as well. I need my mojo back...or a lottery win.


  1. Chin up, things ought to get better eventually, just be patient with yourself.

  2. try and keep positive. Even something every 3 days is better than nothing. I've had days like that arranged an evening of gaming with some friends but my kids decided to play up that much I was that wound up I couldn't face it and stopped in instead.

    It happens to everyone dude stick a nice music channel on the radio and read a book and chill instead.