Thursday, 4 August 2016

Mixed Bag

Same workbench different paint rack
Well I have a work bench again. I have managed to find the paint but a lot of stuff is still missing. I suspect that it is in the garage. This is a bad thing as I suspect much of what I have in there is hidden behind really big stuff. For some reason I seem to have a lot more furniture now than I used to and as I am in a smaller house, things are beginning to tell.

I have too much paint for the racks I had. So I have built some new ones. A quick and dirty job and even quicker now that I own a table saw. It seems to work well enough and I can fit in all the paint I have and there is room yo spare for some more and you can never have enough paint.

I am a little bit ambivalent about what to do next.The usual suspects are floating around. Dark age fantasy is still floating around and there is stuff to finish off. There phrase I used was practical procrastination for a reason. I had done a few frostgrave figures but I am not really feeling it at the moment. I got the last "gnickstarter" but in my head that is all stuff that will get done eventually. Speaking of stuff to finish off, I am also looking at doing some more X-Com stuff. The more I look at it, the more I think GW is the way to go, with a few exceptions. I have done a bit on the not Imperial Guard and may get round to doing a bit more.

I noticed something on YouTube call Titansgrave, the Ashes of Valkana. As a bit of a Wil Wheeton Fanboy I thought I would take a look see. It is really a fantasy game but with a Sci-Fi edge (if you don't think that will work look at Shadowrun or 40k). It has started me going with a few ideas and I have some figures that will do well (I thought gnomes were hard to get fr regular fantasy but space gnomes, they are a true rarity). I like the idea and I have some figures that will do fine but even so, this would be a big project.

Another old project came up in conversation a couple of weeks ago which was a Napoleonic campaign. Part boardgame (The Napoleonic Wars) and part wargame (Marachel d'Empire) using 6mm figures. I remember painting some a while back but we could never really agree on the rules (game balance in one will affect the game balance in the other was my only real issue with it). I have a hankering for doing some of this and if I can find he figures (I have about 800 French figures). I think they want me to be Napoleon more because they can gang up on me than I have any tactical gifts.

Old role playing games want to come back an haunt me and Conspiracy X was one of my faves. I have gone as far as making out a wish list and setting up the rules I have found for a conversion into Savages Worlds but think that these would need a little bit of work.

Anyway back to the real world...

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