Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Character Names For Star Wars

On the subject of Star Wars, a fairly tangential connection, we were discussing character names. I have a friend who came up with the name  Stilton Torpedo for his character. This was perhaps the worst name I have ever seen in a game. He was referred to as Lonely Cheesetube from then on. So, whilst drunk we came up with a convention on character naming for Star Wars. All names must involve a rocket or missile for the first name and a cheese product for the surname. I became Hawk Manchego. The instant vibe I got from this was the Rivera Kid. Not my natural territory but I think I can make it work I just need a character for it. That said there is a Vin Diesel like character with a mug in his hand which is perhaps more in keeping with the ethic and what I want in a character.

It springs to mind mind because I saw the Fantasy Flight Games are releasing Jabba's Realm. Now a friend of fancies himself as Boba Fett (just a dedicated businessman) although in his case Bob Effete might be more appropriate. Now I think that he might be a ranker (or is it spelt rancor, you could see how I could make the mistake). It is a pity that Jabba the Hutt is no a playable character that said Bib Fortuna or Salacious Crumb might be more appropriate.

I like Imperial Assault, I have played it a couple of time now. It has to be said that I like the figures more than the game itself but the game itself is pretty good too.

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  1. Lol some nice names. I must admit the figures do hold a lot of nostalgia for the old action figures I had as a kid.