Friday, 11 March 2016

Old Soldiers Never Die - They Just End Up Working For X-Com

No painting today. That said, I have spent some time playing around with the Imperial Guard who are starting to look very un-Guardlike. At the moment they may be more special than special forces but the team are on their way.

To stop the players from having a small team of the world's best forces I have had to come up with an idea.Instead of making everyone legendary, the aliens can mind control just about everyone. In the game about seven thousand people that are not completely susceptible to alien mind control. These are obviously not all soldiers scientists and engineers. Many of them are too old or too young to fight. These are desperate times. There are some soldiers available but for the most part they are stuck with civilians. This will cause some interesting interactions I hope.

Anyway, I have spent the day working on some more minis. I have another four minis to go at. Plenty of green stuff here. Some of it is molded and some in sculpted (mainly molded). I have changed another blade as I have been doing a lot of chopping and changing. I have walked away from a few things that did not seem to be going my way. For the most part they don't look too much like Imperial Guard.

I got another pack of second hand stuff today, some heavy weapons. I have used the rocket launcher from the pack and trimmed it down. I'll show you that when I have managed to get it attached properly. There are a few ideas I have for using the rest of the kits. I can see another corpse or two, some more military zombies, officers and some more troops in the next few days.
The first two figures are X-Com troopers. Mostly, these are stuff I got cheap on eBay. The female head is from Statuesque and I have no idea where the male head is from, I just have it. Again trying to give the minis a sense of individuality. There is still some more green stuff needed, especially the one on the right. The idea that I want they to look a bit battered is coming through nicely.
Still more work in progress (note the missing head). They headless trooper is carrying a heavy shotgun. It used to be a rifle and the front end is a flamer. I saw something like it on the web but have changed it around for my own purpose. I need another one and I am planning something a bit more complicated. I would like to make a figure that looks like Billy Sole from Predator (the actor was also a porn star and ran for governor of Kentucky so must be a good character). He had a M16 with a master key underneath it. I will see if I can make that work.

There is more work in progress but I'll put that up when it looks a little more finished.

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