Saturday, 12 March 2016

More Troopers For X-Com

I have another four models just about done for the game. Really I should be getting on with finishing them off before I start the process of painting. Most of them are taking a fair bit of time to put together, I guess the average being about thirty minutes. The glueing them together, the making some of the parts, de-moldlining, the chopping and changing (especially some of the weapons), the pining and the filing all take time. There are a few quick ones but that is not the norm.
The first one up is another shotgunner. The gun itself isn't that much of a problem but I have splice this into an arm with a strap carrying over the shoulder. It just works. It will probably look better when painted. In my head at least, this guy is based on the character Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from full metal jacket. Fortunately, I have a head for that (on the way at least).
Another character for the game is this heavy weapon soldier. No head yet but this will be Vasquez (smart gunner from Aliens). Another almost stereotype. I haven't modelled the SAW on this one but I liked the character's pose so I'll stick with it (and the other saw was a pain to make).
The game I am running is going to be based in the funding countries around the North Atlantic which includes (just) Nigeria. I was struck for heads until Ifound this. It must be all the rage in Nigeria in the future (but not now I guess). Just another rifleman but this guy has a special interest in entrenching tools.

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