Thursday, 17 March 2016

More Of Imperial Guard Conversions For X-Com

I suspect you have seen a number of these as works in progress already but I have made a little more progress over time. As (almost) ever, these are all still work in progress. I really want to keep the moment going but I suspect that I am about to hit a bit of a wall. I have some work to do around the house which is becoming pressing. I have a visitor coming for the weekend and as part of that I am off to the Triples wargames show in Sheffield. Usually the biggest wargming event of the year for me. Still a lot of pretty pictures today.

 This is meant to be Marpat. I think I have just about got it. Mayvbe I will work on it a bit more.
 I keep thinking about how post apocalyptic  these guys look. Possibly I could convert these guys to something more post apocalyptic. The armour could easily pass as Combat Armour from Fallout. I could see some of these ending up bright blue and yellow rather than olive drab.

 This one is a bit of a cobble. I am not sure where the right arm comes from as I got it in a bag of bits but it is almost perfect for a zombie soldier.

I am liking that last figure a lot. A british squaddie with a broadsword must be a good idea for an RPG character.
I got some more bits from eBay today. Plasma gunners from Forge World. They will hopefully work well for the next stage of equipment development.  With a bit of luck there will be more bits and some news after Triples.


  1. What do you plan to do (miniature wise) with the Aliens? Also, I assume you'll be wargaming it out, so what rules will you use?

    This is all very interesting. Thanks.

  2. Some wonderful characters you are creating there.