Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Or Winter Is Going.

I had a plan for February. I could show you some pictures of what I have painted and I have done stuff. My plans were made before I realised that my dad was about to hit such a rapid decline. So I am hoping to focus on some painting and other stuff in the next month.

I didn't managed to get the twenty figures done that I was hoping to. I have got a long way with the dozen figures I started in January. I have put a bit more work into them than usually. I have decided to test my skills a bit more and come away with all round better painted figures on better made bases. They are pretty close and should be done soon. My other aim for the month, and where I have put a lot of effort in is n-in changing all my GW painted into dropper bottles. I have yet to get all the bottles I need. What I really wanted were the Vallejo dropper bottles. I have about another thirty on the way. That should just about do me with a few to spare. I did underestimate how much flow improver that I needed. I'll have gone through about about half a litre of the stuff by the time I have finished. I have used them a few times and find them much easier to use. There is some stuff that won't get transferred over because it doesn't make sense to do that. It was a fairly intense process but it works for me. I can see my work bench again and I have managed to bottle up some paints that have been hidden in draws for over a year. I have some magnets to put in the bottles. With them being rare earth magnets I am assuming that there won't be a problem but I am testing one in a pot of white paint to see if there is a reaction. If this works I have some magnetic sheet which I will use to line the shelves to stop the bottles falling over. They word cascade is currently appearing in my day to day word usage a little too much. I am hoping the magnets will also help with mixing the paint when I shake the bottles.

So for March...Finish the paint transfer process. This is subject to the materials arriving. Finish painting the dozen figures I have started. Touch up the skeletons, now I have the right paint for the job. It is also tie to start on a new (old) project and it is back to X-Com. I have had numerous ideas about what to using for X-Com forces and have eventually settled on GW Imperial Guards. The trouble with X-Com is the troops change their equipment all the while and their technology improves (we kill them and we steal their stuff springs to mind)/ So I have ordered some stuff of eBay and I am looking fr more. Mad Robot do some stuff that might catch my eye to. Better order it soon as I can't see myself ordering anything from America if Trump gets elected. I am going to aim to paint another twenty fures this month too and hopefully this won't include last months (well the ones I started in January).

March is Triples month this year. So I am expecting a mate down and to spend some time gaming and maybe drinking too.

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  1. Have a look at CP models they do a variety of Aliens and Human sci fi stuff reasonably priced as well.