Saturday, 5 March 2016

Broke The Plan Already

Well the plan had been to finish what I had started, but I guess I will come back to that. I have had another eBay binge. This time my focus has been on X-Com. The plan, which I think I have already mentioned is to use GW Imperial Guard as my troops This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly they are cheap second hand and I have managed to get hold of about fifty of them. I still need some more specialists to fill out odds and sods rolls. This is mainly command team guys but I was thinking some heavy weapons guys might be useful if only for new and unusual parts. I was also thinking about getting some Catachan infantry for much the same reason.

Although the principle is to use second hand stuff there is some stuff I will end up paying for. One of the advantages of using the guard is that there are plenty of third party parts. I wanted some female figures which are pretty difficult (if no impossible) to come by. Under the armour it is difficult to say what gender they are. I am not looking for something amazon in nature so simply putting a female head on should do the trick. Statuesque have provided the heads which fit nicely (as long as you order the right size).

The next part of the plan relies on the modularity of the figures. If I am going to run a game something like the XCOM Enemy Unknown Game then I need figures like the characters in the game. As well as the soldiers I need a few pilots, some zombies, corpse markers officers, scientists and the like, The plan is to make them all out of  the guard figures. I can see a few ways to make some civilians for the aliens to kill as well but I am not sure this will work for all of them, There are a few ideas that are knocking around my head. I wanted some police for one scenario I had in mind. The Mordian guard seemed like a good idea and I think I will use some of the stuff from Mad Robot to make up what I want. I can possibly scrounge up the heads, which are almost he same as the guards officers heads. Then there are some nice frilly arms and snazzy uniforms.

The Mad Robot stuff had given me some ideas. In the computer game there is a lot of customisation options. Looking at some of the personality heads gave me a few ideas. The soldiers are not going to be player characters but I want them to have some per
sonality so the players don't use them as cannon fodder (up to and including having a wall of the fallen) so all the soldiers are going to be individuals.

I have done a little bit of work so far (instead of the fantasy stuff I should be doing). A couple of pilots, a few big standard troopers, some zombies and some casualties. I should need more than five corpses or zombies as the game will be all over when we hit six. Part of my plan for the year is to up my game. So far that has meant a lot of conversions and liberal use of green stuff. I am trying out instant mold for the first time too.

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  1. Best laid plans and all that! As long as you are having fun, it doesn't matter what order you do things in, at least that is what I keep telling myself.