Thursday, 13 December 2012


The first money I have spent for a while has been on some miniatures from Ground Zero Games on some more 15mm stuff. GZG have been one of my favorites over the years. One of the things that has been missing from my sci fi tabletop was vehicles. Be it Hummvees or family cars, everywhere and every when has a lot of vehicles in my mind. Streets look empty without them. Apart from shopping centres, most street have moe cars on them than people at any given moment. Sci fi is where it's at for me at the moment so I have got few vehicles to make the tabletop look a bit more interesting and maybe something for the troops to use. It's a big chunk of lead. Most of it looks like it will work well together. The wheels for most of the vehicles are fairly modular and only really vary in scale. Some of the larger APCs could well double as Traveller ATVs. The longest one does look a lot like an old school ATV which is not something I have ever seen before. Whilst they are not contemporary vehicles they don't look all that different from modern vehicles and I guess they have some uses in Force on Force as well as Tomorrow's War. 
 It took a little while to get the vehicles put together but it had to be done. They look like something now do I feel better.There was a little bit of flash but it was not excessive. The bits seem to fit together okay and there are no major gaps when the sections are fitted together. I am feeling the urge to do some painting but I think till I get my new compressor at Christmas. There was a fair bit of other stuff including two new mecha and some infantry and even a few Christmas freebies as well. They look pretty good I think.
I wanted to do something along the lines of Aliens could want to replicate some elements of it in my games. Instead of doing the blasted planet of LV-426 I have been working on the desert terrain. So now I need something to make it look right. Big wheel raised above the ground was the look I was going for. Painted in the right colours I think these Bulldog trucks from GZG (below) should do the trick.

It is gradually taking longer and longer to work my way around blogger. It is one of the reasons I have been posting less. Getting things into place without the format changing itself is becoming a major ordeal. I would have liked to posted this yesterday but I have spent so much time getting the pictures in the right place and not disappearing or duplicating themselves. There should hopefully be a few more posts over the next few days.


  1. Nice haul! I'm painting up a GZG mule and trailer at the moment. Did a head swap on the driver which I'm quite pleased with.

    Haven't had real issues with blogger - when I'm doing a post, I tend to work in the HTML window rather than the Compose window, but that just allows me to check para breaks easier - HTML requires me to select the justification on my photos at upload, though you can change this if you can work out the HTML coding. Compose allows you to caption the photos, and it is easier move photos around, but it can be a bit of a pain to check para breaks.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Think I am going to miss putting the drivers on. The military vibe is what I am trying to get away from. I want a much more civilian look.

      Blogger is a pain but it's what we have right? I should try to keep it simply and then I won't have any issues.

    2. The GZG head sprues have several bare heads which look rather unmilitary if used in a non-military context. I used the one with the bandanna to get a vaguely Wash from Firefly look.

      Painted the body armour shoulder pads and part of the torso body armour in shades of brown to mimic the leather loading jackets the old-style stevedores used to wear, pre-containerization, when they packed holds by hand.

      If you feel he's still too military, the GZG grav sled comes with two crew who might fit the mule - one in a cap and one in a generic helmet.