Saturday, 15 December 2012

Predator - The Camera Never Lies

I like taking pictures of my minis. It kind of makes me take a second look at stuff and use a slightly more critical eye. As the title says, the camera never lies. I spent part of my day yesterday painting this not-predator from Khurasan. I like the model and I really just wanted to start and finish something. I have never really been a completer finisher and I wanted to do something that I could start and finish easily. Short of spraying in with matt varnish I thought I was done.

I had a look at the pictures I took and I realised that not only have I painted outside of the area intended but that there is a bit of run caused by some inks not drying in a timely manner. So when I get back in tomorrow, I'll have to finish him off and maybe put some of the GZG mecha bits together as well. I'll have three of them then, almost enough for a war.

Anyway, the gaming group I am part of are going out for drinkies and a Chinese buffet are due in the pub in half an hour so a better get a wriggle on.


  1. These are nice minis from Khurasan- I don't believe they are that easy to paint, but perhaps you are being too critical of yourself? Hope you enjoyed the drinks and spring rolls- Merry Christmas!

    1. It definitely looks better without the harsh lighting, The GW basing is very shiny though and needs to be played about with a bit.

  2. It's only the base that looks less than satisfactory to me. Perhaps some drybrushing on the base to give it more depth might help?