Thursday, 20 December 2012

2012. Well, Goodbye. It's The End Of The World. Bloody Mayans

Well it's the end of the world tomorrow, 21/12/2012.  Allegedly. I am not too worried. Today has been a good day so I will go happy. Seriously though, the Mayans know nothing about the end of the world. Any culture that couldn't predict that they would to handful of Spaniards is unlikely to be able to predict the end of the world. The only people that seem to have any real interest in it are the programmers at the Discovery Channel.
The only real bit of post apocalypse I am interested in at the moment is some RPGing. I have agreed to run a Fallout RPG in the new year so I will get on with painting some Rebel Post Apocalyptic gangers over the next couple of days.

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