Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Mid Winter Solstice Psychosis

Sorry to go all Charles Dickens on Christmas Eve. I'll be sure to give your regards to Jacob Marley later on. Everyone else has done a nicey nicey Christmas Blog Message so I thought I would just do something to bring the force back into balance. Well I suppose it is keeping the economy going although only just according to the BBC. That's what it seems to be this year, a gauge for how badly the economy is going down the pan.

So happy Kwanza, Mid winter solstice, Christmas, Divali and a belated Happy Chanukah.

Moving onto the Psychosis bit of the title. I have had the somewhat dubious pleasure of doing some last minute Christmas shopping today. This is whilst coughing up a lung. My other half is telling me I have bronchitis. Every time I try to speak I end up in a cough fit. Some would say this is a good thing but only those that know me.

I was in the supermarket earlier on, as I said. It was not particularly busy and I kind of wished I hadn't got the turkey yet as there were some cracking deals on. The staff were really helpful and even friendly. This is odd but then I guess they were all going home in a bit. It was my fellow customers that have put me in a bad mood. Most just looked a bit morose. There were a few however that pushed passed me and others. twice I was looking at something and people just walked in front of me and stopped dead. The Christmas spirit seemed to disappear in the car as well with people driving like they were the headless horseman sat on top of a coach. I remember last year people cutting up an ambulance with it's lights on to advance a few metres towards a town that was nearly ten miles away the week before Christmas. Hell even advent calanders now have an extra day on them.

So if you have made it this far, I wish you well. I hope, that even in this cynically abused time of year, that you get what you want and that the days to come are all that you hoped for and more. This cynic is now off to watch "It's a Wonderful Life."

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  1. Merry Xmas to you too. Do the one thing that makes you happy on Xmas day and it will then be a perfect day.