Wednesday, 6 September 2017

So It Started with An Idea....

A few weeks ago, when I was having a fit of preparing figures and priming them, I found the old GW corpses. One I think was a magic user and the other was a knight. These were in the first batch of figures I purchased, I guess this was some time around 1986.
My plan had been to base them, which I did, then prime and paint them.  Something just stopped me doing the priming. They are too bad to use and they have too much sentimental value to get rid of. This is probably why they have sat in a box for so long.

I've run out of green stuff but I still wanted to do something with them. I did find some Fimo though. So I thought I'd get the fimo and see what happened if I combined these with the figures. With most painted minis I would be worried about taking the paint off. The paint job is pretty woeful and it;s enamel so I figured there is a good chance all would be well.

So the moulds are done and filled. The plan is to leave them to cool a bit. I had warmed up the Fimo to make it more workable but even when it gets cool it will still may be too flexible. If this is the case I may put them in the fridge before pulling the castings out. I have also done a few casts of craters but these work out cheaper to buy than to cast and the originals look better. This was more about making multiple connecting craters  than getting something cheap anyway.

So I might post some results tomorrow.

The figure painting has progressed a bit. There are a few details and a little more ink to spread around. Then I'll do some highlighting and dry brushing but I am on target to finish in the next couple of days so I will get to work on some more figures and maybe even finish a few extras.

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