Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Hellishly Busy Day

Not once today have I had a chance to pick up a paintbrush. Come to think of it I haven't even sat at the bench today. There has been a lot going on and to be honest, some of it has been pretty good.

Most of my limited laptop time has been spent doing stuff for fablab tomorrow. I have finished off all the ideas I have for the Viking Wargame and moved on to extra bits and pieces. This is more about basing. A while back I wrote myself, and my players some rules for basing after getting people who wanted to bring their own figures which were on display bases far too big for the 1" grids I use which came on piles of rocks almost doubling the size of the figures concerned. Most of the bases I already have but I figured some of the monster sized bases, especially the double length ones, not only do I not have but can't find. I thought I would try cutting out a swarm base as well and see if that looked any better. Pretty sure that it will and make the bases look a little more even to.

So I am hoping for a bit more basing time in the morning and maybe after I get back from FabLab. I should have a few samples to show as well.

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