Sunday, 10 September 2017

Just On The Edge

I have made it to the end of another week and I have stuck to The New Cruelty. Short of varnishing and a few embellishments on bases, I am back on target for my five figures per week. Five odds and sods figures, which I think are all Frostgrave, have been finished off. I have even got close to finishing a couple of background project ones on top of that.
So the plan is to do some early Saxon / Romano-British figures next. these are what is on the table and have been sat there for a while. They have been in the paint queue for about four years now. The whole Romano-British / Arthurian thing is a bit of an inspiration for me. This stems from the Merlin mini series years ago. The style of costume is probably a bit archaic for The Viking Game but I don't mind that. As a GM it is good to take a few liberties so they have become the figures I was going to use as The Kingdom Of Wessex. I did also think about using them as light elves and painting them with a white skin platte.
I've been to Southport today. There is a good gaming store there. A couple of presents have been brought for me. Not got them yet them, but I guess I will get them in a month or so. As a bonus I went to an arcade and walked out with enough 2p coins to meet my basing needs for another six months.

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