Sunday, 24 September 2017

End Of The Week, Dark Age Leaders & The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

This has been a week where my energy levels have been at an extremely low level. The expression post-viral keeps springing to mind. It's odd that this has been my most productive week in ages. Being ill last Sunday lead me to this of a more modest goal than usual, four horses and start work on the riders and dismounted counterparts. All are now done and even based. During the process I even managed to find time to play about with a few new ideas.
The one on the left does look a bit like Keith Lemon
Aside from painting, I have done a lot of reorganising. This was really a space saving measure than anything else. Whilst not as effective as I was hoping, there is more space than there has been for a long while. I feel that I have reclaimed a little more territory.

FabLab has been extremely productive and more than a little bit of fun. I now have enough of the sabot bases for my wargame. As well as the stuff for the game, I have cut loads of figure base and some terrain bases. I am trying out a few ideas for a modular dungeon. This isn't as good as I hoped but it doe work (with a bit of, er, how would I put it, manual alterations?) I'm enjoying having someone to talk to. I have even got my uncle going. It turns out one of the other attendees went to the same school as him and he used to know members of our family.

Over the next week I have the Road To Zomtober. Not sure what I am going to do first yet. The plan is to go for painting half a dozen for every week. Maybe more if  I can find the time. I also want to finish off the sabot bases with  view to trying the rules out in a few weeks. A few weeks ago the plan had been to tackle some black elves. I ran out of the greenstuff I needed for the bases. I now have this so I might give finishing them off a go if I have time. There are no hard and fast plans for FabLab. I have other things to do on Thursday so I won't be doing anything until Saturday. If the cutter is playing ball I might have another go at the dungeon terrain.

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