Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Monday

Family are round. I can't do much but I guess I can find the time to put a blog post together. Sadly, I have had to put all my toys away as the visitors might get bored, distracted, shocked or injured or any of the above or, more likely, none of the above at all.

So in the process of moving house, I have found some figures that have been hanging around for a while. I know some of them are still in production but most of these have been sat on my bench or someone else's lead pile for many years.
I think it's Alternative Armies
The first figure is a wizards assistant carrying all sorts of equipment. it is part of a wizard's traveling group which had a wizard, apprentice and mule. I am not sure what he is supposed to be, half ogre perhaps? I have always struggled with the idea of half ogres as I guess they are the equivalent  the off spring of a dachshund and a wolfhound. I am not sure about the genetics but the practicality of the matter would be difficult. Anyway. I started doing this figure maybe ten years ago and I think I have had it for twenty years now. So I guess it's about time I finished it and hopefully I will do it justice now. It is a really busy figure which I think is what put me off. I will finish off the blocking out and see what happens.
This figure is a bit of a mystery. It is very old. I have no idea who made it or even where I got it from although I assume it was eBay. I think it's a male figure but as it is a 25mm figure it is a bit small. One of the  problems I find with older figures is that there isn't a lot of detail to play about with. It makes my usual inking and highlighting a bit more of a challenge. I am sure "she" will make a nice evil mage.
This picture is a mixed bag of demi-humans. The one on the left is a halfman (halfling). It is an original grenadier mini that is currently being produced by Mirliton. He is a bit blue at the moment but I have barely touched these minis yet. I have a few of them I painted about ten years ago. I have some old GW hobbits which I am happy with and like, so I use these as gnomes. You just have to hide the feet. Decent gnome figures are hard to come by. Not that anyone ever uses gnomes.

The one in light blue is a bit of a mystery as is the one on the left. Judging by the age and size I thought chronicle or denizen but as far as I can make out this is wrong. If I was desperate I would give it a blast on the forums. The one on the right could pass as a monk, cleric or even wizard. I don't have a dwarven cleric or monk so I am just rounding out the collection. the other one could pass as pretty much any class, of you squint.  I was originally thinking of him as a dwarf but looking at the sizes I am not so sure. The last figure is another Grenadier (not Mirliton honest) dwarf that got missed off the last round of painting so I guess this really is a bag of stuff I am catching up on. I'd still like some suitable dwarven thieves and maybe even some female dwarves.