Sunday, 5 April 2015

Paint Table Easter Sunday

I have been busy over the last few days. As is my want, I have been working on about thirty to forty figures. Naturally, I still haven't really managed to finish anything off but I have a lot of stuff that is part way through and some of it closer to being finished than usual. All of this stuff has been on the paint table for a while. For the most part they have been about for two years or just a bit less. A few have been sat in other people's paint queues for so long they have decided to get rid of them. Some of them are more "part way" than others. So just for the sake of me looking like I have been busy. I'll put them together in a few posts. Also I have a new phone with a better camera so hopefully the pictures should startlooking better again.
Monks, I hate these guys
These figures are a bit out of my usual range. They were a bit if an impulse purchase. I got them when I got some super hero figures and henchmen figures last year from Black Hat miniatures. I only really wanted the one on the right and there were two more in the back that I guess will never get used. The one on the right is really for a female PC in a modern rpg I kind of have it in mind to run again. No one ever has actual monks for fantasy games and I personally hate monks as characters. Still they were there so I guess I had to have them.
The one on the left is proving to be really hard work
Whilst I am on the subject of monks, I got some more clerics almost done. These are from Mirliton. Nice figures still, but a few bits need finishing off and a fair bit of highlighting to do. There is a lot of detail on the Bishop and maybe too much detail as it is turning into a real pain to get it finished. I might finish the others and come back to it to give it the attention it really needs. They will make nice character figures when they are finished.
Not sure they have the Viking look but they are a little Tolkeinesque
From the same pack as the above are a couple of wizards. They look okay bit still need a bit more work on them. I doubt I will ever be really happy with them. Again these are really nice figures which have a lot of animation.

I have a few more close to being done but I am getting tired of typing now so I am going to post and see what the new few days bring.

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