Sunday, 3 November 2013

Birthday Elves

Never start thinking you are on a roll when you are blogging. The self confidence makes you a bit cocky. Family arrive, puppies poop all over the kitchen and suddenly you remember all sorts of bits of work that need doing. I haven't done much but I do have a bit of work in progress to show.
I've even managed a conversation from a bow man to a wizard
They just look haughty (uppity maybe?)
I haven't done much since my birthday, hence birthday elves and no, not the kind that leave well packaged presents at the foot of the bed. I started doing some painting on these elves for the Viking game. These are actually some old grenadier miniatures and not the Mirilton recasts. Since starting these, I have ordered a batch more from Mirilton. Some more elves and a lot of bits and pieces. They fit the world I am planning. Whilst they look a little wood elf like, they have a bard (or musician if you like) which is very Norse. They are destined to be white elves from Norse mythology hence the platinum blond look.
 As a Birthday present I ordered some more stuff from Gripping Beat and got some stuff at a wargame show. I'll get round to posting some pics of what I got and a bit more brain numbing dialogue soon. I think I am feeling the Berserkers as the next paint  job although I have a few bits and pieces to finish. I got some more at a show a while back but on closer examination I really didn't like them much so I'll stick with the gripping beast stuff. I have seem some nice paint jobs done of these on line as well so I am quite hopeful they will turn out okay.
More weapons than I will ever need


  1. Those elves are looking perfectly haughty!

    1. I know someone who likes to play haughty elves. They tend to com across a little less Legolas and a little more Nigel Farage.

  2. Nice job so far. Progress is progress and real life gets in the way hobby or not :D

    1. Tends to be the way I'm viewing it at the moment. Have worked on them a little more last night so they are almost at the tarting up stage with ink and highlighting to follow.