Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Birthday Elves Again

This is just an update of what I started earlier. I wanted some "white elves" or light elves because they are part of the Norse myths. There is nothing much that really says what they look like out there so I thought I would try to make them multi use. The "white" bit is about their fairly pale colouration. This allows them to be used as wood or sylvan elves which are a bit more mainstream. They do have the radiant and beautiful "fairer than the sun" vibe. These figures also have a bard like figure which I feel fits in very much with the background. They have a nice haughty look which makes them useful as a bad guy as well as a player character if I decide to let them in as a player race.


  1. That's a clever solution and works for me.

    1. Cheers

      Over years of gaming I have learn't to make stuff as multipurpose as possible.