Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year Or 2017 - The Plan

I've just looked back through the blog and could say pretty much what I said this time last year. Something about how few posts I've done and how little gaming that there was in them. That said, it was better than last year. I was hoping for a bit of a change around this year but with my dad passing and my mum being ill and a house move, I was bracing myself for some disappointment.

In actual fact there wasn't all that much gaming going on. There was more painting than the blogs shows and I guess I will get round to posting some of that. I got more blogging done this year but not as much as I would have liked. I did get some gaming done but again, more would have been better. Lets face it, it wasn't the biggest bar to beat. The wood working projects ended with the move. The house has led to a bit of a downsize and too much of my stuff is now in the garage which is currently inaccessible. The undead got done. Some work was done of the X-Com figures and I have even managed to do a bit on them today. I have played the new X-Com but like the older one better. I got some post apocalyptic figures to do but I am not sure how far I am going to get with that this year. Bits for the Viking game and Frostgrave got done but even more has arrived. So whilst it has progressed the queue has got bigger for this. I have done a few test pieces for making a load dungeon terrain. This did not go anywhere but I did some painting of resin, plastic and metal terrain. Some 6mm Napoleonics and some work towards a Titansgrave game got done too

So on to 2017. What do I really think is going to happen? I am pretty sure that I haven't figured that out yet. Again. I am already getting that good news, bad news vibe about it, but I am hoping for the best. Again.

X-Com is still a going concern. I have been working on  this a little bit at a time. I have yet to source some of the figures for the game which is why I guess I am still going slow with this. Chances of completing this project in 2017 about 25%.

The Viking game is going to keep going. I am looking more at monsters and demi-humans and other races than I am Vikings. I have quite a few animals that I can see being painted up. I have some rat men to finish off. Not strictly on mission but they have been sitting around a while and I need them dealt with. There are also some ents/dryads that need painting. I am also going to continue working on the rules and background. This is a Savage Worlds game which is already at the 140 page mark. This is never going to be finished merely temporarily abandoned.

Frostgrave, I have a lot of stuff for Frostgrave. I can't really see me doing a game of it this year. I can see me painting some figures especially the ones that fit in with the Viking game. They are some nice fantasy figures. They fit with my Viking game stuff, mostly, ish and with my more mainstream fantasy game.

Titansgrave is going to be an ongoing project. I like the scifi/fantasy crossover. It's got a very John Carter like core but with dwarves and elves rather than Martians. I guess this is going to be a biggish project that is unlikely to get finished this year. Part of the problem is that I need to source some figures. This is going to be a project where conversions are required so should be fun. I have humans that I can use, Saurians in the production queue and some plastic orcs in a box. Other stuff is work in progress.

Blood Bowl is a new/old project. I got the new version of the game. I may even get a second set, just for the figures. I am likely to paint a few teams this year. I have about four teams to paint already. Two new two old. For the new teams I want more figures so I am waiting until I get these extra figures until I start this project.

There are a few projects that I am likely to touch on. I can imagine that I might do some 6mm Napoleonics again. WWW2 is rarely far away from my mind. The new stuff from from Warlord might tempt me at some point. I have an idea for a 15mm battle mecha project. This is still in the rules stage but I have a few ideas. I keep tinkering with my own savage worlds rule set but this is way off being complete.  This would not take much to get going. I have some super hero figures but not enough to start a meaningful project. This is likely to stay on hold for a bit too. English Civil War figures also seem on the agenda but not today. VBCW and post apocalyse still seem on the cards too.

There must be something to do with all this work. I am going to start role playing again this month. I would also like to do a bit of board gaming too. I would like to get away for at least one weekend of gaming this year and hopefully two.

We will see...


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    1. Thanks, hope yours was a good one to

  2. One day at a time is how the year passes us by. I too didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I'm still here and have the opportunity that life provides to be able to do more. So, let me wish you a happy and productive new year to you and yours.

    1. I see the fluid prose is coming along :) Seriously, thanks. Hope the new year isgood for you to.