Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Winter, I Mean Christmas Is Coming

Although I haven't been posting much this month, there has been some work going on. Family illness has meant I had lost my work area. Due to an even greater decline in health, albeit temporary, I have got my work bench back. Yeah. Nothing good going on here. Still busy here though.  One day I managed to glue one arm on a miniature and that was about it.

I was looking around the workbench and found there was plenty of stuff hanging around part painted. Not least of which is the X-Com figures. They have become the background project when the really should be the foreground project. The plan was to make a foam tray full (36 figures) for the good guys. Mostly the required figures are soldiers, 21 in total.  I also wanted some casualties, as there is a limit as to how many figures the Skyranger will hold, five figures would be enough as once there are six bodies on the floor it's game over. The rest would be science types and command figures.

I am still looking for a good duplicate for Bradford. I am currently looking at the possibility of getting a Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart figure and doing a head swap.
Image result for Brigadier Lethbridge StewartImage result for central officer bradford

So I finished the casualty figures. I think I have posted a few before but now I have the five. Some have look better than others. I like the one that has bunched up more than the others. It looks like one of the soldiers from the original game. Some have a few minor conversions just to make the legs look right. Like the other figures, I have gotten rid of the winged death's heads and simplified a lot of the extra techie stuff. A few little touches have made them look a lot better.

Then I have moved on to the zombies. Again I would never need more than five of them. Some are more converted than others. These will definitely not be in the player character foam tray. I want to keep them as a surprise.

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  1. I hope things improve for you soon. Try and enjoy Xmas and all the best for the New Year.