Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Snakes - Or A Coincidence Of Needs

I am currently short of things I want to paint. I thought going to a show last Sunday would change that but to be honest...not really. Half of what I have painted is now done and drying off so I'll post a few pics of that soon. So I have been fiddling about with there projects that are not really what I want to do. I have been going through storage trays I can find at the moment and I am amazed at what I have been dragging out. I'll put some pics up as I start to finish things off. The oldest was got from a shop that closed down twenty years ago but for most part, they are a lot newer. As I am sure you will see, not the most challenging of subjects.
I'll finish the details off when I find my magnifying lamps base
So I found these snakes from Critical Mass Games. They have been stuck on bases for a well over a year, so that constitutes being in the paint queue. At one point, the plan had been to do a 15mm X-Com game. I think I have given up on this idea now in favour of doing something in 28mm. Snakemen don't make an appearance in the new X-Com games but they were a staple of the original. They were the easiest of the races to over come. They weren't especially tough and they had no psychic powers.

The main crux of the argument is, well they were really just there. So the thinking goes, snakemen, eh? Aren't they a bit lame. So I thought I could use them as a really weak opponent race, just ensure that there are lots of them. So I will probably get some more when I next see Critical Mass Games at a show.


  1. They're great Fred, love the colour palette that you've used. They look pretty mean to me.

    1. The colour Palette is meant to be garish. Partly because they look like that in the original game and in part because its garish. Plus I like orange at the moment for some reason. My head really is all over the place. Which happens a lot when the clocks go back.