Saturday, 20 October 2012

Walking Dead Season 3 Again

I realise that I am not doing a lot of gaming posts this week but I am in Spain and a long way from my brushes so I apologise. But it's zombies. You really have to love zombies. There will be some minis and buildings at the end of next week when I get back to what looks like the sunnier climbs of England (serious;y it's warmer and dryer in Edinburgh than it is here).

I have managed to see the first episode of WD 3 last night on a very small screen. Despite the size of the screen the story was big enough that I was impressed by what I saw. Some time has passed since the last episode. They look a lot more like survivors now. All of the characters look like they could use a goof meal and they were on the border of eating some dog food the group found (not quite there yet but they son't seem too far off that). They have picked up some kit (including home made silencers) and there is some beard growth going on. The eventually decided to go back to the prison hinted at during the last episode of WD 2.

As with the comic, the lines between good guys and bad guys gets a bit blurred. Rick and family are on the edge. Daryl seems to be stepping up to be the man of the hour.

Should be another great series.


  1. Loved the comic but the series went South for me real fast.


    1. Sorry you don't like it. I loved the comic. So far the series has been about as close to the comic as any TV series is to any book.