Monday, 15 October 2012

Red Dwarf The Verdict

I have waited for a few years for this. The level of anticipation in the Jackson Household was high. For the first few minutes I thought it was just going to be a replay of old episode on new sets. Which to be honest
would not have that bad. The old archetypes were there. After about five minutes of settling in, the first episode got better. It was novel enough and the same enough to keep the old Dwarfers happy.

The last mini series had some nice ideas but some how lacked that essential zest. RD X did not. It#'s funny. It's got it' head around the old and made them new again. The cast are starting to show their age (something to do with drugs or doing too many shows about the industrial revolution).

If my other half is reading this, the Blueray will be out just in time for Christmas.

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  1. We love it! Its good to see out old friends again,