Thursday, 27 November 2014

100,000 Hits And Some Work

A few people have hit milestones this week. Mine might be so grand but I think I am doing okay. I guess that I am happy enough that the blog is not a total flop.

I think I have spent more time on eBay in the last few weeks than I have spent painting. Somewhere along the line I have purchased a 28mm ECW army in plastic for what seemed like a great deal. I have managed to get hold of some figures that I was after for the still in the distance, X-Com game. I got hold of some plastic Dryads which are planned to be used for the not so far in the distance, death by trees game. There is a lot more besides. Aside from the ECW stuff, I seem to have a lot of GW stuff all of a sudden. I think I have purchased more GW stuff in the last fortnight than I have in the last ten years.

I have been painting stuff that I could see because my magnifying lamp has been US. I have now figured out a way to use it, involving a lamp base and a wedge so I should be able to do some detail work and finish what on the table, if I don't do the ECW army first.
The workbench before the ECW stuff arrived

Whilst I have been sat around, I have been working on some ECW rules that I have been playing around with for ages. They are now ready for play testing, I just need some figures based up, which now that I have the army, might actually happen.


  1. Well done that man, great milestone and it sounds as if there will plenty more to see in the near future. Looking forward to the ECW stuff particularly.

  2. Congratulations dude! That's a great feat, here's hoping there's more to come.