Friday, 1 July 2022

Playing To Type

After going to the Phalanx Show yesterday myself and a few friends were at mine to play boardgames. I have a batch of games that I have acquired over the last few of isolation. Not quite a burning desire but I was heavily tilted towards playing them. When they found out that I had a copy of Escape From Colditz, the discussion was over.

You may not be familiar with the game but it was a staple of my childhood. It was a game l played a lot with some long lost good friends when I was at primary school. Its especially memorable because it was played a lot on the last day at school. Osprey Books did a reprint and whilst I thought it would be a nice buy I wasn't going to spend the money on a game I didn't think anyone would play it. Then I saw it in a charity shop for a tenner. I just couldn't not buy it.

So although the clear winner by a country mile, it was only possible because of my friends and we all got a chance to take a step back into childhood. It is still a good game but to me it is how all the participants play to type. It is possible to figure out what is going to happen when you play with the same people for decades. So whilst I got two of guys to safety, taking chances and getting one killed I did so because the French, in blue (heavily camouflaged on the blue safe squares) were there to give me the kit to do it whilst playing to type, the cheese eating surrender monkeys. Cheers Martin. 


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