Sunday, 16 May 2021

The Grey (Well Mostly Grey) Legion

After my last post I got to thinking. It's almost a road to Damascus moment for me. Over the last year I have probably primed and based hundreds of figures. It made me think about how many I had left. My gut told me that there would be quite a few.

I was surprised when I dug them all out. Surprise may be a bit if an understatement. When I looked at the part finished terrain and eventually chose not to look at the part finished figures.

So this was the first picture.

If you think about it, if you have a picture like this then you have probably got ten or twenty times the amount as unpainted minis.

This isn't individually but then look at the panorama shot.

Then there was a second panorama shot.

From here I moved onto terrain but maybe more of that another day. This was no less of an uplifting exercise. Maybe this was a call to arms for me.

The truth is this isn't even all of it. Some of it is so far buried I couldn't even lay my hands on it. It makes me sad. Perhaps the most saddening thing is that I haven't really got many of the projects actually finished.

I have been sat here much less regularly over the last two years. For a good, now 18 month year old reason. So with what little time I do have, I am going to use it a bit more wisely. Maybe finish some projects and banish the grey from my tabletop.

From where I am sat this has been a worth while project. Maybe you should do the same. So I am calling you all out. Bloggers or not. It is time to look at your unfinished projects and start making a dent in the backlog.   


  1. You're having a laugh... ;-)

    1. Somehow I imagine your home has more lead in it than any other metal🤔