Monday 21 August 2023

More Freakin Hexes

About ten years ago I had this idea for terrain hexes. About five years ago I started making some when i got my first laser cut. Then I had a thirty five litre RU box full of them. Then there was two, then there was three now there is a fourth box, overflowing with blank tiles.

My name is Jacko and I have a problem.

So I started doing table top gaming again this year, after what is about a five year gap. Not my choice, just, errr, circumstances and stuff. I still think I want to do more. And more. And more. And, well you get it.

For me I would be happy with a 2' x 2' or 60mm x 60mm. Well ish. Hex geometry is more complicated than it looks. However a lot of games and most gamers want a 3' x 3'or 90mm x 90mm table (ish again" thanks to the way hexes work. So...I had enough for what I call my most apocalypse board to do a 2' x 2' so time to upscale.

I wanted to use the hexes to replace battle mats and give me something more variable. No two games should be the same. That means a lot of variants. The post apocalyptic table also had a lot of extra requirements to improve the character. This meant a lot of junk, some bits of resin and a lot of scrap material to give the tiles more character. To add a bit more character there are actually four different textures on the tiles. Not sure they have any meaning in game terms but they make the game look pretty.

So this board is getting on for being finish. I reckon I need to finish what I have and do about another dozen tiles. 

Now I am looking for what's next. I like the mud tiles and think I will make more but not sure I want this as the next project. So right now I am thinking either desert or a ruined futuristic city tile, which I am calling Paradise City Lost. I am also thinking in terms of snow

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